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12. April 2022.

Post-doc position available!

A post-doctoral postion is open the ALOKOMP project beginning from 1.7.2022. and for the period of up to four years. Skills required (any of the following):

  • PhD degree in chemistry, mathematics, physics or electrical engineering and computer science
  • She/he should have a working knowledge of programming in Python programming language
  • Knowledge of working with databases and/or programming for the web
  • Neo4J, Numpy, ScikitLearn, Pandas, TensorFlow...

05. October 2021.

First protein data collections on new Synergy diffractometer

As part of initial testing of the brand new instrument, we have sucessfully collected first protein diffraction datasets. The diffraction was excellent up to 1.8 A resolution!

09. September 2021.

New diffractometer installed in the laboratory

Brand new single crystal diffractometer is finally installed in the laboratory. It is a Rigaku Oxford diffraction XtalLab Synergy system equipped with double source (Cu and Mo) and with various other additional components:

  • Cryo system capable of keeping the crystals in 80-400 K temperature range
  • Powerfull microfocus sources
  • Diamond anvil cell for high pressure studies
This instument is acquired as part of the O-ZIP infrastructural project!

15. February 2021.

PhD student joins the team.

PhD student Boris Gomaz was employed in February 2021. As part of the project he will enroll to Doctoral study programme at the Faculty of Science, Chemistry department. He will be under direct mentorship of dr. Zoran Štefanić and co-mentorship of prof. Bojana Dalbelo Bašić. His PhD thesis will be in centered around developing special relational database of PNP structures and machine learning algorythms for extracting information about the allosteric pathways from MD that database (under the guidance of prof. Dalbelo Bašić who has great expertise in this field). The visit to dr. Pandini's lab is also planned.

15. October 2020.

Supermicro workstation for number crunching purchased!

Supermicro SuperWorkstation is finally here! It features CPU Intel Xeon processor with 20 processor cores, 32GB DDR4 of RAM memory, 2 x 6TB storage space, and awesome NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti graphics card for fast GPU computations.

7. June 2020.

Shaker for bacterial growth acquired

New Brunswick™ Innova® 44/44R - Stackable Incubator Shaker was purchased for bacterial growth as a first step in protein production.